Upcoming smartphones with designs inspired by iPhone X

Android smartphone makers seem to be blatantly copying iPhone X's distinctive design, but is it a bad thing?

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Huawei P20 series

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Bezel-less design had been the most sought after feature that got implemented in every second smartphone last year. However, Apple vented a whole new fresh design late last year, bringing the notch on the premium iPhone X. The design ran into a bit of controversy initially, but the reason became clear later for putting the notch. Apple removed home button & fingerprint reader and implemented face unlock technology for ‘depth sensing’ that worked in low light too.

But while it added a distinctive look and made Apple seize the design crown in the mobile industry (again), it couldn’t save the Cupertino tech giant’s design work from getting ripped off. Several Android smartphone makers have started imitating the notch design (perhaps the minimal bezel display has become a layman feature now and OEMs are in a dire need to switch to a new premium industrial design).

Asus being one of the first to seed on the iPhone X design brought its new flagship, Zenfone 5Z with the notch. Well, it’s not just the Taiwanese tech company photocopying the iPhone design element, a few other leading smartphone manufacturers are close on its heels to bring phones with a notch on top.

Let’s take a look at the smartphones that will likely impersonate the iPhone X’s top notch. A work of caution, some of the information has been come out in the open via leaks and not through the horse’s mouth. So keeping a pinch of salt handy would be advisable.

Huawei P20 series

Huawei is tipped to infuse the notch design in its forthcoming P20 series. The ‘veteran’ leaker, Evan Blass recently shared images of the P20 lineup that reveal a cutout for the front camera. The notch is slightly smaller than the one seen on the iPhone X. Even the backside looks identical to the premium Apple phone with vertically stacked dual sensors on the top left corner (P20 and P20 Lite).

A notable aspect, however, was seen on the supposed Huawei P20 Pro version. As per the images shared by Blass, the P20 Pro was seen featuring three camera modules on the rear end. All the P20 smartphones will have fingerprint sensor but the placement would differ on the devices.

Huawei P20, P20 Lite and P20 Pro are expected to debut later this month

The P20 and P20 Pro will feature a front-facing fingerprint sensor at the bottom chin, while the P20 Lite will have a rear-mounted fingerprint reader. The new Huawei P20 series is expected to debut on March 27.

LG G7 Neo aka Judy

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Vivo X21

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OnePlus 6

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Oppo F7

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