Top 5 smartphone apps for image editing

From Photoshop Express to Instagram we showcase the top 5 apps for photo editing on your smartphone

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Smartphones have grown extremely popular in their role as an imaging device and almost everyone has one that fits their needs. People like to take photos on a daily basis, either of themselves, their food or just their environment. Though smartphone manufacturers have understood the need for taking photos, improving the sensor and lens quality, one thing that will remain a staple is the desire to edit these photos before sharing it on social media. Some manufacturers have tried to build image editing tools right into their camera apps they still do not manage to give the same feature rich options as standalone apps.

We have compiled a list of Top 5 Apps as per us which are good for photo editing on your smartphone.

(Disclaimer: The apps recommended below are in no particular order)

Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop is loved by every photo editor and is the best lightweight image editing app currently available for any mobile platform. Photoshop Express offers limited editing options app but offers quality options for retouching and editing. Photoshop Express is available on Android, Windows 10 and iOS for free.


Snapseed is an image editor being offered to Android and iOS users by Google. It is a brilliantly designed app which is easy to use and navigate. Snapseed lets you enhance your images with just a single touch and even a user who has no image editing knowledge can better their images. Snapseed is available for free on both Android and iOS.


Adobe Lightroom mobile now known as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is now available to everyone free of charge. Previously Adobe required a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Plan which sets you back $9.99 per month. The Lightroom app is one of the best image editing app available for a smartphone if you’re looking at extensive edit capabilities. We highly recommend this app regardless of your editing prowess.


VSCO is a photo editing application that provides the user with advanced camera controls along with access to a huge photo editing community. VSCO comes with various presets, tools and filters for the users to use. With VSCO you can curate content, publish images and journals on your profiles for other photo enthusiasts to look.


Pixlr has been one of my favourite photo editing tool for a few months now. The app lets users apply auto-fix which will automatically edit the photo, making it extremely easy for the users to use. Users can also apply real-time filters and see how the images turn out. The app has a wide variety of editing tools which help you fine-tune the image to your liking. After you are done editing, the app offers to share your edited image on social media platforms. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the official app stores for free.


Bonus App

Probably the most popular photo editing app, Instagram the Facebook-owned app, is the most popular photography based social media platform. Instagram is famous for its photo editing capabilities and now even Instagram Stories. People use the app to apply filters, do basic editing and share their images. Instagram is available on all devices and is used by millions of people daily. It is available for free.