Moto G5 Plus: 5 reasons why you should not buy

Moto G5 Plus is a great device when it comes to value for money, but do you think there is something still missing?

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Lenovo-owned Motorola launched the latest Moto G series smartphone Moto G5 Plus in India on Wednesday. The starting price of the G5 Plus is Rs. 14,999. It is available on Flipkart and you need not to wait for any flash sales.

You can checkout our full in depth-review of the Moto G5 Plus 4GB RAM and 32GB storage variant, which is priced at Rs. 16,999 and we had the device with us in advance for a little over a week and we quite liked it. The starting Rs. 14,999 variant features 3GB RAM and 16GB onboard storage. We also have 5 good reasons why you should buy the phone, so do check those out, but these are some reason why we think the device might not do as great as it is expected/ estimated to do.

1. Major competition from Xiaomi

If not popular most then probably the second most popular brand in the country Xiaomi has got good hold of the market in budget segment and their recently launched Redmi Note 4 is a big hit. The company sold over 1 million Note 4 in 45 days of flash sale and this should make Motorola worry a little. Moto G was originally an affordable mid-range smartphone when it came to existence but now things have a changed and new Moto G5 Plus is losing that bit on price to value proposition to Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Front)

The 3GB RAM and 32GB storage Redmi Note 4 comes at Rs. 10,999 where as the Moto G5 Plus 3GB RAM and 16GB storage variant is priced at Rs. 14,999. We’ll leave other comparisons for you.

2. Cousin Lenovo Z2 Plus can be the murderer of G5 Plus

For those who don’t know, Motorola company is now owned by Lenovo and company is sticking to  ‘Moto by Lenovo’ ideology in India at least. This is one another thing that makes an interesting case for Lenovo Z2 Plus. So technically the same company is offering a flagship processor Snapdragon 820 in one phone and mid-range Snapdragon 625 in another at same price of Rs. 14,999.

3. No IPX7 water & dust resistant rating like Moto G3

Some of them who are still on Moto G3, didn’t move to Moto G4 for some reason, but now wants Moto G5, then this IP68 water & dust resistant certification could be one major concern for them.

4. You’ll miss beloved Moto G design language

Motorola fans will be disappointed looking at the phone because it is not the same Moto design that they are used to. With Moto Z we saw Lenovo forcing/ dropping in some design changes on the phone and some of the changes have been carry forward to the G5 Plus.

Who can tell it’s a Motorola from this angle?

5. No Moto Dimple

This point is self explanatory. Some of us really loved the signature ‘Moto Dimple’, at least we did.