Android P first developer preview 1 released; here are some cool new features

Android P new developer preview reveals visual changes and some interesting features

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Revamped Design

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Google just released its Android P developer preview for the year giving a fair glimpse to the developers of the ‘programming features’ that they can integrate on apps. While this is the first build of the upcoming Android OS, changes are expected to follow in the subsequent previews before the final build is released this fall.

The software build as it states is specifically meant for developers and a layman would find it hard to decipher what Android P shall bring on their plate. But there are a few interesting features (though in early stage) that Android fans can look up to. Here are some of the key ones:

Revamped design

Google didn’t clearly reveal about refreshing the design, but preview images hint at a major facelift with its next-gen Android OS.  The most talked about change is the iPhone X like notch support. Android P is said to match the status bar with the height of the notch cut out. The feature is seen in the Android OS Developer options under the name ‘Simulate a display with a cutout.’

notch-featureThe Settings Menu is now colourful and Google has put rounded corners, and the grey icons have now been filed with colours in the notification shade.

Better notifications & Simple Settings pulldown

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Indoor navigation & Emphasis on security

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Multi-camera & HDR, HEIF support

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Other visual changes

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