YouTube releases YouTube Go in 130 Countries

Now you can share multiple videos all at once

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    • The YouTube Go app has a 10MB footprint
    • YouTube has added a few new features into the app to give users a better viewing experience

Google back in 2017 showcased and released its much lighter YouTube Go app in India, and the response they got was phenomenal. Now, YouTube has gone ahead and launched the app in over 130 countries around the world. These countries supposedly have a history of patchy internet connectivity, and with this app, Google wants to offer its users a much better viewing experience.

YouTube has also added a few new features to the app to make the user experience more seamless. These include the ability to download, stream and share videos in High Quality. Previously, users could only download the video in standard and low quality in the YouTube Go app, however, in the normal YouTube app, users could also download in high-quality. The app also allows you to share multiple videos at once with your friends, thus saving you time.


Additionally, the app has also been upgraded to serve its users with personalised content with the help of the app’s machine learning algorithm. YouTube Go just like its normal counterpart will also be alerting the user if and when their favourite Youtuber ends up uploading a new video.

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The YouTube Go app is a really nice concept and can help users consume data, even when their internet connection is patchy or the data charges are extremely high. Also, due to the app size being just 10MB, users with low-end smartphones are better off using this app. To get the app onto your smartphone, you can simply go to the Google Play Store and download it if the app is supported in your country.