YouTube app could soon have private browsing mode and darkened interface

Recent YouTube app teardown reveals a lot of upcoming features!

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  3. YouTube app could soon have private browsing mode and darkened interface


    • These features were found in the code of the newest update, so there’s no guarantee as to when they will be available for the users
    • The latest update has an option to enable a dark theme and the incognito mode

YouTube is now headed to version 13.0, and with that hints a few upcoming features that are expected soon. Some of the features are highly requested by users for quite some time now.

As per 9to5Google‘s app teardown, the new update for the YouTube app includes a code for a dark theme. YouTube currently allows users to switch between a light and a dark theme on its desktop site. A recently announced YouTube Music has a dark interface by default.

Additionally, the new update also consists of code for an Incognito mode, which is Google Chrome’s most popular privet browsing feature. Currently, YouTube app lets users pause videos and search through the history. However, both the feature need to be activated inside settings. An Incognito mode will simply toggle both of these settings on by itself and will also intimate the user when the service is turned on.

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The code also contained another feature which people might like, however, it is currently disabled in the app: Swiping to skip ads. There is also another disabled toggle hidden within the settings in the code that lets users enable or disable auto-play. This feature is currently present in the app and shows while playing videos.

As of now, there is no word as to when YouTube will activate these features. We’ll update this post as soon as there’s more information to share about this topic.