You may soon be able to repost public posts to your story on Instagram

Instagram is supposedly calling this feature 'regram'

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  3. You may soon be able to repost public posts to your story on Instagram


    • This feature is currently being tested with a small test group
    • Users can also add stickers and edit the images before reposting them

Instagram has been on a roll readying a slew of new features for its users in 2018. Now a report suggests that the social media app is testing out a new feature which will let users repost public posts as their stories. Instagram is supposedly calling this feature ‘regram’.

As per a report on TechCrunch, Instagram is testing this new regram feature with a small percentage of its users at random. We spotted a video of the feature in action:


As you can see in the video above, after you select a post which you want to repost as your story, the app will then provide you with various features like the ability to resize the image, add stickers to it, draw or write on it and more.

For the users who don’t want other people reposting their images and showing them off as their own on their stories, don’t worry, Instagram has you covered. The app will provide you with an option in the app settings which will let you disable other people from sharing your posts.

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We tried to find this feature on all our devices and with some colleagues at work but were unable to find it. Maybe we aren’t part of the test group that Instagram is testing this feature with. As this feature hasn’t been released in beta but as a normal update for some users, let’s hope it makes its way to everyone in a subsequent update soon.