Xavier malware now takes over Judy, found in over 800 apps

Xavier is said to be much more harmful as compared to Judy

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  3. Xavier malware now takes over Judy, found in over 800 apps

Android apps are continuously being infested with malware’s, first, there was the Judy malware, now a new malware named Xavier has been detected in more than 800 applications that can be found on the Google Play Store. The malware was found by Trendlab Security Intelligence, they said that the apps affected by this malware have over a million downloads on the Play Store. According to Trendlab Security Intelligence, most of these apps are utility apps like wallpapers, photo editors, etc.

TrendLabs also reported that the Xavier malware has existed since early 2015, and its first iteration was called joymobile. This malware though existing for a long time isn’t easy to detect and can execute malicious codes which are extremely dangerous.

Countries in the Southeast Asia have the highest number of infected devices after which the United States and Europe follow. It is also being said that Xavier is much more widespread compared to Judy, as Judy was found in only 41 apps whereas, Xavier has been found in over 800 apps.

Xavier can download and execute malicious code which is then implemented and is extremely harmful for the users. This malware due to encrypting all constant string makes detection difficult, thus making it nearly impossible to point out the devices infected by the malware.

The company which discovered the malware has put out a list on their website as to how you can avoid the Xavier malware. These include avoid downloading apps from unknown sources, reading reviews of the apps, updating the latest patches for your devices and much more.