WhatsApp will continue to support Android 2.3

WhatsApp to support Android 2.3.7 until February 1, 2020

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Google keeps on introducing newer versions of its Android Operating System every year, due to which apps have to add support for the older versions of Android. Google itself has announced that they will only be supporting Android versions above 4.1. But if you have a smartphone still stuck on Android 2.3 Gingerbread or below Whatsapp is there for you.

WhatsApp keeps on ending support for mobile operating systems every year, like last year they ended support for iOS 6 and Android 2.2 and below. WhatsApp has now updated the blog post where they announced the discontinuation of support, it now says that they will continue supporting Android 2.3.7 until February 1, 2020.

For now, there is no clear indication from WhatsApp’s side as to will they keep on supporting Android 2.1 and 2.2 or not. They have mentioned Android 2.3 in their blog post meaning that they will now continue to support Gingerbread at least.

As of now the market share for Android versions 2.3 and below stands at 0.23 per cent, which also is now not supported by Google meaning that it will not get any updates or security patches. This might make your chat vulnerable and with malware’s like Judy and Xavier currently being found extensively in Android apps which are downloadable from the Play Store, your data might leak or fall into the wrong hands.

This new update from WhatsApp’s side shows that they might be reconsidering their strategy regarding giving support to devices after the wide success of the Nokia 3310 which is a feature phone, and Google introducing Android Go for smartphones with lower specifications.