Whatsapp updated with custom fonts, makes finding emojis easier

WhatsApp to make font and emoji selection easier and set to introduce Night Mode

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    • WhatsApp to make finding emoji’s easier
    • WhatsApp to introduce Night Mode
    • WhatsApp made font selection convenient

WhatsApp is a widely used messaging app popular with users from all around the world. WhatsApp constantly updates its app to keep its users happy and give them an even better experience. The messaging app is now set to roll out another update which will include a new way for finding emojis in its Android app. This update will bring a new search icon on the bottom left corner of the emoji section, which when clicked will bring up the keyboard. Now, you can search for emojis related to the word you type.

whatsapp chat 1
Whatsapp to get emoji search

WhatsApp is now working on another feature which they like to call “Night Mode”. Here, what WhatsApp is introducing is for the in-app camera which allows you to enhance the quality of pictures taken in low-light conditions. It is not to be confused with the Night Mode that is designed to ease the strain on the eyes when looking at a screen at night or in dark conditions. WhatsApp already has a very basic camera app without the ability to add filters on fun emoticons. The app is limited to turning on or off the led flash and the pinch to zoom in or zoom out feature. As per the reports, the update was first requested by iOS users, so it’s most likely that they will receive the update first, later making way for Android devices.

With a recent update, WhatsApp made custom text fonts easier. Earlier, the messaging app introduced a way to change the font to Bold, Italics or Strikethrough using some characters before and after writing the text. This wasn’t convenient for everyone as some used to forget about what character was linked to which font. So, now WhatsApp has made it easier, all you have to do is:

• Type the text
• Select the word or sentence by long-press
• To see all font options, click on the arrow key

whatsapp chat 2
Whatsapp brings formatting options to chat

This way has made changing the font much more easy and convenient and will help people to change the way they used the app.