WhatsApp rolls out two new useful features for iOS users

One was already available on Android for some time, while the other is yet to arrive there

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    • Switching between voice and video calls was already available on Android
    • The unread message feature is yet to make its way on to Android

WhatsApp recently started to roll-out the payment feature for their users on both iOS and Android. Now, the company has released two fairly useful features for its iOS users.

The first is the ability to switch between voice and video during an ongoing call, whereas the other feature is the ability to read unread messages on a group chat by pressing the @ button. The unread messages feature is currently only available on iOS and hasn’t made its way to either Android or Windows Phone, whereas the other feature has been available on those two platforms for some time now.

iOS WhatsApp call

If you are an iOS user then you first need to update your WhatsApp to the latest version. Once updated you will be able to access both the new features within the app. To access the video and voice call switch, you will see a button located at the centre during a call which will help you switch. When you press that button, the other user will get an option to accept or decline.

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Coming to the second feature, users can now press the @ button, which is also used for mentions to view unread messages on the group chat where they are tagged. This is a feature I would love to see on other platforms too and soon. The feature will come in handy for people who are in a lot of highly active groups and don’t have the time to browse through all messages.

Interestingly, this was one of the features suggested by us in our WhatsApp quick fixes article a couple of months ago. Looks like one of our wishes has been granted but only on iOS for now. Hopefully, it will arrive on Android soon.