WhatsApp brings back old ‘text status’ feature, new ‘Status’ remains

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  3. WhatsApp brings back old ‘text status’ feature, new ‘Status’ remains


    • The feature is back with a software update
    • Update is rolling out slowly
    • It’s now called About

First, it was just Snapchat. Then, it became Snapchat and Instagram stories. If those two weren’t enough, WhatsApp decided to remove the standard text status update to add a similar status feature. Now even Facebook has a “share your day” feature, which is again essentially what Snapchat has been doing.

Nevertheless, if you’re one of the many users who were not very happy with the change in the status feature on WhatsApp, there’s a good reason for you to rejoice. WhatsApp has started giving back the text status feature with an update, albeit only on Android at the moment. iPhone owners will have to wait for a while.

The old text status feature has started to come back with a software update that takes the app to version number 2.17.111. However, we checked with some of our friends and they have received the functionality but with an app version number 2.17.107. Also, many of our test devices which we keep updated at all times did not show the feature. This leads us to believe that WhatsApp is rolling out the updates in a manner that is best known to the company itself.


Nevertheless, the text statuses are definitely back. However, there’s a caveat. It’s not like the short video and picture update has gone away. That will still be there, and it will continue being called Status, where you can add disappearing pictures and short videos.

To go to the old status update, you will instead have to go to the Settings option and into the profile tab, where you can change your display picture. Underneath the display picture option, you can now find an “About” field, which is actually the old text status update.

It’s got a new name, and a new place, but it’s actually the good old text status, complete with all the old status options such as Available, Urgent Calls Only, At School, Sleeping, At the Gym, At the Movies and the usual gamut.

To get this, you will have to update your app, and if it still doesn’t appear after updating, then you might have to wait for a day or two more because of a gradual update rollout.