WhatsApp Android Beta brings new Android 7.1 emojis

WhatsApp Beta has updated its emoji list with the new Unicode 9.0 emoji.

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    • WhatsApp beta build brings Unicode 9.0 emoji.
    • Unicode 9.0 include bacon, facepalm, clown and more.
    • Unicode 10.0 under work.

WhatsApp’s latest build has updated its emoji list bringing the new Unicode 9.0 emoji. The Unicode 9.0 emoji were introduced with Android 7.1 and iOS 10.2. The new emoji list include bacon, facepalm, clown, selfie, shrug and many more.

WhatsApp beta build has also added gender equality and professions shared by both men & women including various skin tones. These tiny pictogram hieroglyphics array in the iOS glossy style instead of flat blobs that are found in Android.


Source: Android Authority

You don’t need to be running on Android 7.1 to enjoy these new emoji. All you need to do is enrol for the WhatsApp beta program. You can join the beta by tapping on the “Become a beta tester” section on its Play Store listing. Although these new pack of tiny glyphs are available only on the beta build for now, we can expect the updated emoji list to be rolled out on the main app soon.

Unicode 9.0 was released on June 21 last year. The 9.0 version included 72 emojis that covered faces, hand gestures, gender pairings, animals, food, drinks, and sports. Reports claim that work on new version of Unicode has already begun with eight candidates. The Unicode 10.0 is expected to release in the mid of 2017. Gender-related emoji additions are proposed to use Zero Width Joiner sequences indicating these could be released ‘out of cycle,’ prior to Unicode 10.

So it looks like everyone’s going to have equal access to the new emojis, and nobody will feel left out when someone with an Android 7.1 or iOS 10.2 device sends one of these new emojis.