WhatsApp adds Chat Pin feature, lets you pin 3 chat windows

The new chat pin feature is said to be working for WhatsApp beta version 2.17.162 and 2.17.163.

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WhatsApp has reportedly added a new chat pinning feature to the app. According to Android Police report, WhatsApp in beta version 2.17.162/ 2.17.163 have added a very handy little feature of pinning individual conversation threads on top of your chats list.

As per the report, WhatsApp users in beta can now pin up to 3 chats right on top of all. Usually all your recent chats are on top of the list by deafult and position of their thread window keeps changing, but with this features WhatsApp users can pin favourite most conversation threads/ friends chat window on top of all other windows. You too get unpin option, if you like to remove the window or replace it with any other.


Now when WhatsApp users reportedly tap-and-hold on to any chat window, they’ll see a new pin icon in the action bar next to the delete, mute, and archive functions. All they need to check is if their WhatsApp app version is beta 2.17.162 or 163. Users can download the beta version from official website or through Google Play store by joining the official beta program.

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Recently, WhatsApp rolled out a stable update for iOS devices with a new feature of Siri being able to read out latest messages, and some other UI improvements. The latest update version 2.17.20 of WhatsApp for iOS bundles additional functionality for Siri, which is that “you can now ask Siri to read your latest messages” and it works for all Apple iOS devices running iOS 10.3 and above.