Vivo APEX tipped to be showcased next week: All you need to know about the concept phone

It boasts of half-screen fingerprint scanning technology, retractable selfie camera and more

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    • Vivo APEX concept phone tipped to showcase on March 5
    • The phone features a retractable selfie camera
    • It features half-screen fingerprint scanning technology

The minimal bezel or all-screen have become a common concept on smartphones now with OEMs bringing at least one device from their shelf with this feature. While the tech space was fervently gaping for any evolution, Vivo took the hot seat earlier this year at CES and showcased an on-screen fingerprint sensor.

Taking the pioneering role, Vivo introduced the first handset featuring this new technology, the Vivo X20 Plus UD this January. The Chinese manufacturer has brought yet another concept phone to Mobile World Congress 2018 dubbed as Vivo APEX. The phone has some remarkable aspects including the fingerprint sensor embedded under the display.


Smartphones these days look more or less the same featuring minimal bezel displays. But the Vivo APEX truly holds the bezel-less approach. The phone’s side and top bezels measure just 1.8mm and 4.3mm at the bottom edge. It has a screen-to-body ratio of about 98 percent.

As we mentioned, Vivo surprised the smartphone geeks with the on-screen fingerprint sensor just at the outset of this year. While the technology seems innovative, Vivo has ‘installed’ a whole ‘fingerprint scanning area’ underneath the display on APEX which Vivo calls “Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology.” The concept here is that instead of pressing your finger hard on a ‘thumbnail-sized icon’, it will give a larger area to unlock the phone. The technology works similar as the ‘in-display fingerprint scanning’ that needs an OLED panel and emit light on the surface when a user touches the screen.

Vivo cites that the “the new dual-fingerprint scanning feature will provide greater strengthened security.” Another headline feature on the APEX concept phone is its retractable selfie camera that pops up when you are set to click a selfie. The ‘motorised camera’ extends when a user selects the selfie mode and remains until the mode is switched off. This is a rare component that is still to venture in other devices.


In addition, Vivo has deployed new System in Package (SIP) technology to integrate DAC and ‘three operational amplifiers’ together resulting in the reduction of circuit board space up to 60 percent.

While these innovative features complement a fresh take onto a smartphone, APEX is still a concept and we are yet to see the concept taking actual form. Reports have suggested that Vivo is allegedly gearing for an event in China next week where it is tipped to unveil the concept phone. However, Vivo has not shared any detail if it is planning for a commercial product anytime soon with such implementation.