Underground network scammers selling Apple iPhone users’ personal data busted

User data worth $7.36 million has already been sold

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Chinese authorities today reported that they have busted an underground network of scammers which had access to the Apple Databases and were selling personal user data in the Chinese black market. The Wall Street Journal has reported that this industry of black market scammers was filled with employees of Apple suppliers and firms that Apple outsources work too. It was reported that this group had gathered names, phone numbers, Apple IDs, and other data, which were being sold in the black market from anywhere in between $1.47 and $11.78, though it is yet to be determined whether the data collected and sold was of China-specific users or International Apple users as well.

The Chinese authorities had been working hard on this case and took the months before any arrests could have been made to make a solid case with proof, to bust this underground network of black marketing scammers. The arrests were made over the past weekend across Chinese provinces like Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Fujian.The suspects who were arrested worked for the companies Apple employed in China and had access to the all the databases of the customers and the necessary tools for extracting them.

These kinds of black markets for the sale of data can be found successively in China, and these marketplaces are full with the sensitive user data obtained illegally. But, recently the Chinese authorities have started to shut these marketplaces down aggressively, which is great news for consumers, as most of the consumer electronic products are made in China.