Twitter bumps display-name limit to 50 characters; users not too kicked about it

Twitter focusing on cosmetic changes, rather focusing on real issues affecting its users?

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  3. Twitter bumps display-name limit to 50 characters; users not too kicked about it


    • Twitter recently increased the character limit of tweets
    • The company might soon redesign the whole user interface

Twitter recently doubled its tweet character limit from 140 to 280 characters. Now, the company has doubled the maximum length of a username to 50 characters. The new feature is expected to help users with names that take up a lot of space and characters, in addition to those who want to add more to their display names like emojis. A name change doesn’t impact the Twitter handle being used by the person.

This new move is expected to help the platform gain more user engagement, a thing they were struggling with earlier. However, people have taken to the platform and showed their disappointment, saying that the company has focused more on cosmetic changes and has sidelined other long-standing problems like abuse on the platform. Recently, reports have suggested that the company might soon launch a newly redesigned website.

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We recently saw an incident where a company employee on the last day at his job, decided to deactivate the account of the US president, Donald Trump. It is a thing that should not have happened so easily. The twitter account stayed deactivated for 11 minutes before getting restored. The general consensus is that company should look into fixing these kinds of issues before the big redesign that might be happening.