Top happenings in the Tech World this week (November 12-18, 2017)

Here are the top tech updates this week beyond smartphone launches

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  3. Top happenings in the Tech World this week (November 12-18, 2017)

This week in technology witnessed a lot of exciting stuff. No, we are not talking about smartphones again, since we have covered our weekly roundup of top smartphone launches already. We saw the announcement of new Firefox Quantum and YouTube’s pinch-to-zoom feature for 18:9 displays. But there is more that you should not miss before the week officially comes to an end. So here’s a quick recap of some of the top stories of the week:

1. Mozilla launches new Firefox Quantum browser


Mozilla has officially introduced the new Firefox Quantum based on Project Quantum. With the new update, the company’s primary focus remains on speed and user interface dubbed Photon UI. So we decided to put it to test and verify the claims made by Mozilla. During our test, we found the new Firefox browser to be pretty promising, and the claims made by the company appears somewhat authentic as well. Read our complete coverage.

2. Apple Face ID tricked by a 3D printed mask


In what could be the most surprising or rather shocking news for Apple iPhone X users around the world, a YouTube video demonstrating how easy it is to trick Apple Face ID left the netizens dumbstruck. Although the maker of the video termed the experiment as mere “proof of concept,” it also explained that the results were achieved without having the iPhone train with the mask itself but with an actual face. Read our complete coverage.

3. WhatsApp could be compromising user privacy


One of the top stories on Techook this week was about a loophole found in WhatsApp for Android, which allows users to read a message that has been deleted by the sender within 7 minutes of sending it. This is possible using third-party apps that seek permission to access notifications, which involves the risk of your private conversation being dumped on some unauthorized servers in the form of plain text. Read our complete coverage.

4. Google Maps for gets new design and features


Google is rolling out a new design update to Google Maps that gives a complete overhaul and adds one-tap access to search nearby locations. In addition to this, modes of transport like driving, transit etc. will provide necessary information accordingly. For example, Google Maps will highlight ‘stops and route lines’,  train stations if you choose public transport for transit. Read our complete story.

5. YouTube adds pinch to zoom feature for 18:9 display


A new update to YouTube mobile app for Android and iOS adds pinch to zoom ability for 18:9 aspect ratio screen. Just a word of caution -this feature uses crop-zooming, meaning, once the videos are zoomed, they will have a part of them cropped from the top to fit the screen instead of showing black bands on the side of 16:9 videos. Read our complete coverage.