Top 5 Accessories for smartphones to get this Diwali

Here are some cool smartphone accessories that people will love as gifts

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The auspicious festival of Diwali is closing in and it is the time when you will start buying gifts for your loved ones. These days smartphones have become a necessity and almost everyone has at least one of them. So how about gifting them smartphone accessories that stay for longer? You can also to buy one of these for yourself.

Amazon Echo smart speaker


Amazon recently brought its Echo line of smart speakers in India. This is a new category of Bluetooth speakers, which come with a digital assistant to make your life much more easier. We recommend getting these to gift as these have just been launched in India.

 Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2

power bank

Powerbank is essential these days unless you have smartphones with huge battery capacity. In that case, we’d like to recommend you to get the Xiaomi 10,000mAh Mi Power Bank 2 to gift to your loved ones. It’s a good-looking and reliable power bank which can help the charge their smartphones on the go.

1More Piston Classic

1more piston classic

We recommend that you get the OneMore Piston Classic earphones as they have good build quality and great sound, additionally, they look good also. The 1More Piston Classic earphones are a pair of open back earphones which provides a good amount of sound isolation and makes you feel like you are listening to a surround sound speaker.

Xiaomi Mi Band – HRX Edition


Xiaomi Mi Band – HRX Edition is a good smart band and is also budget friendly. It has a battery life of 23 days, which means you can charge it ones and then be set for a few weeks. It also has a much more improved algorithm than the Mi Band 2 which will help it track your lifestyle in a much better way.

Smartphone Case


This Diwali, you can gift your loved ones a good looking smartphone case which will help keep their smartphones protected. A good case helps your device stay protected from the occasional drops and bumps. Even big brands like Xiomi have seen the importance of covers for their smartphones.