Tim Cook says next iOS update will let users turn off battery slowdown on their iPhones

Tim Cook suggests that users should ideally not disable battery performance throttling on their iPhones

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  3. Tim Cook says next iOS update will let users turn off battery slowdown on their iPhones


    • The feature will be first released in the developer’s preview of the iOS update in February
    • Tim Cook still recommends not to stop the performance throttling as it may cause problems in the phone

Recently, Apple was accused of slowing down older iPhones after newer updates. Apple owned up to the accusations, however, they said that the company wasn’t doing this to force people to upgrade to a newer smartphone, instead, this was being done due to batteries not performing up to the mark and to avoid unintentional restarts.

Apple even issued an apology letter along with a new battery replacement program. Under this new program, users of older iPhones can get the battery of their smartphone replaced from official Apple service centres for Rs 2,000 plus taxes until December 2018.


Today, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. in an interview with ABC News said that in the next iOS update, they will allow the users to disable battery performance throttling on their iPhones. In the interview, he also mentioned, that they’re going to give people the visibility of the health of their battery so it will be very transparent. The feature will be arriving in a developer’s update next month before a wider public rollout said, Tim Cook.

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He also said that the iPhones after being updated will be clearly informing users when their performance is automatically being reduced to prevent unexpected shutdowns, and if you don’t want the throttling, you can turn it off. However, he does take a strong stance on not turning the throttling off as it could cause the users multiple problems.

The developer preview of the next update will be released in February. However, the release date for the public release hasn’t been shared till now.