5 things you should know before blocking someone on Instagram

Blocking on Instagram is easy, but it isn't always clear to users what happens when they actually do it.

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There are many reasons why people block each other on Instagram all the time. Some users block others to simply avoid interactions with their posts or indulge in likes, comments or private messages. Whatever the reason may be, blocking users on Instagram or any social networking or instant messaging app for that matter is a common affair these days.

Blocking on Instagram is easy, but it isn’t always clear to users what happens when they actually do it. So, in this article, let’s take a look at some of the things that users need to know before blocking someone on Instagram:


1) People don’t get a notification when you block them

This one should be pretty obvious, isn’t it? If you’ve blocked someone on Instagram, they won’t receive a notification regarding the same unlike when it comes to receiving followers, likes, comments or personal messages. So, if you want them to know that they are blocked, it isn’t possible. They will also be unable to find your profile, posts or Instagram stories.

2) Someone you blocked can mention your username


Strangely enough, someone you’ve blocked can still mention your username on Instagram if they know it beforehand. However, these mentions won’t appear in your activity. In case you have changed the username after blocking someone on Instagram, they cannot mention you without knowing your new username.

3) Likes and comments from people you blocked won’t disappear

Once you’ve blocked someone, their likes and comments won’t be removed from your photos and videos for others. If you want them removed, you can manually delete their comments from your posts. You’ll need to unblock them first to be able to see their comments yourself.

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4) People you block can see your likes and comments

Unlike Facebook, people you’ve blocked on Instagram can still see all your likes and comments on public profiles or accounts they follow. Comments that you may have posted on their posts before blocking them on Instagram won’t be visible for them, though.

5) You can always unblock those who you’ve blocked

Nothing is permanent. So, in case you’ve changed your mind, you can always undo your actions and unblock those you’ve blocked. Simply tap on the settings icon at the top right corner > Blocked users > Select the profile > Tap Unblock.