The days of SMS as we knew it seem to be numbered

You may soon be able to send text messages from computers

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You may soon be able to send text messages from computers. Android Police claims to have spotted some interesting things inside the code for the most recent version of Android Messages. To clarify, it’s the same app that lets users send and receive SMS.

The code seems to suggest several compelling possibilities. First and foremost, the whole idea is expected to be pretty simple and straightforward and its implementation shouldn’t cause much stress for Google either. It could be somewhat similar to how we access Allo or WhatsApp Messenger on desktop.

It appears that users might have to go to some webpage on desktop and scan a QR code, and once it’s synchronised with their smartphone, they can easily send text messages from their computer over any internet connection. The report further mentions that multiple browsers could be supported, which isn’t much of a surprise. But interestingly enough, it could also work with multiple computers at the same time, at least that’s what the code seems to suggest.

The Verge’s Dieter Bohn analyses it further and has come up with a very valid point: Although all that Android Police has discovered sounds pretty interesting, but SMS itself has become a pretty boring concept of the past over the period.


At least I can talk about India where WhatsApp has now become an inseparable part of our lives. A majority of us (smartphone users) have left behind the concept of SMS long back, and no matter how much free SMS we are bombarded with by our telecom network providers, do we really consume even 10% of them? I doubt. Even MMS weren’t much of a help either because they apparently stuck somewhere in between feature phones and WhatsApp.

The Verge further denotes that for such a feature to work, firstly it should be backed by a cloud-based infrastructure, which is true. Hence, it further raises some doubts like is it a myth or a soon-to-be reality? If this thin air converts into a reality anytime soon, it may end up with a restriction of Google’s own Project Fi carrier.

Also, it could be a case of Android finally trying to compete with Apple’s iMessage with their potential modern messaging platform? Possibilities could be many and may be it’s a bit too early to discuss about it. But whatever be the case, the days of SMS as we knew it seem to be numbered.