Super Mario Run now available for download on Android

After waiting endlessly for an Android version the endless runner Super Mario Run is finally available for Android users

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    • Super Mario Run now available for Android
    • Free to download, $9.99 to unlock all content
    • Requires constant internet connection

Months after its iOS release, Super Mario Run is finally available to those on Google’s Android operating system. Many users were left miffed when Nintendo announced at the launch of the iPhone 7 that Super Mario Run would be coming to Android “at some point,” and six months later, the game is finally available for download from Playstore.

Given the popularity of Mario amongst the older generation, the ones who grew up playing the game as kids, the announcement that Super Mario Run would be available on smartphones was greeted with great joy. While the game isn’t much like the original version, Super Mario Run is a side-scroller game, where Mario runs from the left of the screen to the right. The level design closely resembles that of the original game, with all the familiar characters making a comeback.

While the iOS version is getting updated to version 2.0 of Super Mario Run, Android users will start off with version 2.0 as the base. This update includes four colored Yoshis as additional playable characters. When you play Toad Rally with any of these Yoshis (of a particular colour), you’ll get more toads of that particular colour in one run. That pretty much sums up all that’s included in version 2.0 of the game. Fortunately, the game is still free to download on both iOS and Android. Unfortunately, the free version contains very limited content and in order to unlock access to all the levels, you must shell our $9.99. The pricing structure has been long criticized by iOS users, that paying $9.99 for a game that is essentially an endless runner makes little to no sense.


As of writing this story, Super Mario Run was not available for download on the Indian Playstore. We managed to get hold of an APK file instead, but the game refuses to connect to the server, bringing us to the second issue with the game. Super Mario Run requires a constant internet connection in order to be able to play, which means you can forget about playing the game during flights or even in the train if you’ve got poor connectivity.