This is what Sony’s latest God of War Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle costs

The hack & slash game series God of War will arrive on PlayStation 4 on April 20

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  3. This is what Sony’s latest God of War Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle costs


    • God of War Limited Edition Pro Bundle comes with a customised console
    • The Limited Edition PS4 Pro is already available for pre-order
    • It cost $399.99 in the US

Fanatics of the hack & slash classic game series, God of War might have yet another reason to brace up. The God of War will arrive on Sony’s PS4 next month. And in case you don’t have a PS4, Sony has brought PS4 Pro Bundle with a riveting design console and controller.

It will come with a customised PS4 Pro console, a Leviathan Gray DualShock wireless controller. It also includes a physical copy of God of War and extra “digital content.” Krato’s Leviathan Axe inspires the console’s design.


The top of the console is embellished with the skill tree that is used to upgrade the Leviathan Axe. At the front, some runes typify different realms from the game. The side bezels are skimmed with Norse design and to give an aesthetic appeal, the wireless controller is sculpted with the Huldra Brothers brand on it. The touchpad has the God of War logo as well.

The customised PS4 Pro console has a striking design and it matches the price similar to the ‘regular’ PS4 Pro excluding a game. The limited edition bundle is available in the US and Canada for a price USD 399.99 and CAD 499.99 respectively.

PS4 Pro Limited Edition bundle

Pre-orders for the game pack a $130 ‘collector’s edition,’ a $150 ‘Stone Mason edition’ and a $70 ‘digital deluxe edition.’ Meanwhile, the regular edition costs for $60. Although there is no word on India release yet, reports suggest that it might cost around Rs 40,000 if it comes to India.

The artery of the ‘demi-god action’ game ‘has been long’ and Sony debuted the first God of War game for PS2 back in 2005. Bringing a sequel with captivating visuals and a new dimension of the console, Sony set a new definition in the gaming square. The God of War will hit the PlayStation 4 on April 20.