Some OnePlus users’ credit card information has been compromised, admits the company

OnePlus is looking to up the security for their website, while offering free credit monitoring service to the affected users.

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  3. Some OnePlus users’ credit card information has been compromised, admits the company


    • OnePlus will be providing affected users with credit monitoring services
    • Credit card details were stolen from OnePlus’ official online store

OnePlus had previously been accused of being involved in a data leak, wherein it was claimed that OnePlus database of user’s credit cards had been leaked. Now, OnePlus has finished its investigation and says that some credit card details of the users have indeed been compromised.

These details include the credit card number, expiry date and the CVV code. The company in an apology letter has recommended that its customers check their credit card statements and if they spot any irregular charges, they should inform their respective banks to get a chargeback. The company has even said that if the users require any kind of assistance, they should contact the OnePlus support team, who will help them out.

oneplus apology letter
Apology Letter issued by OnePlus

OnePlus has said, that they are working with a cybersecurity firm to up the level of security for their website. However, to help its users currently, OnePlus is also going to offer a full year of credit monitoring service to the affected users free of cost. Under this service, the company will be monitoring the user’s credit cards to spot any irregularities. A company representative has told GSMArena that “OnePlus is working with its providers and local authorities to better address the incident.”

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OnePlus has been hard at work in India opening up OnePlus experience stores all across the country, starting with Mumbai. And after the above incident, if you are skeptical about trusting OnePlus with your credit card information online, but still want a OnePlus smartphone, you can simply visit one of these stores and get one for yourself.

The newest store opened up in Mumbai at Vile Parle. Just a tip, all the early birds will be getting a free pair of Bullet V2 earphones with OnePlus smartphones purchased from the new store.