Snapchat’s Snap Map now makes its way to the web

The web-based version doesn't reveal user's location and the content is moderated before loading on Snap Map

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    • Snap Maps was introduced last year
    • The feature allows users to track their friends & checks nearby events
    • Users can see Public Stories even if they are not on Snapchat

Snapchat introduced Snap Map last year that allows users to share their location with friends on the mobile platform. The feature showed ‘collection of Public Stories’ so that users could check where their pals are hanging out and see if any interesting event is happening nearby.

SnapChat has now made the Snap Map accessible on the web. Even if someone is not on Snapchat, they can still view Public Stories from across the globe by heading over to Users just need to browse the map and tap on any bubble available on the map to view public stories posted from a certain place.

Snapchat believes that the web version will give everyone a glance into the events around them. Albeit the potential privacy risks observed initially, the in-app version has become a ‘tool for discovery’ and engagement during breaking news events. Notably, stories on the web version of Snap Map can be embedded into other websites as well.

The company hopes that the map will become a useful resource for media organisations driving engagement and offer real-time news view. For this there’s an embed feature that lets a user get a link or an actual embed code easily for the inclusion of the posts on a website, Tech Crunch notes.

Users can embed content from Snap Map into web pages and in other social media platforms. They can embed stories on other platforms in three formats- individual stories, a collection from a location/event or stories in a specific geographical area. Tech Crunch points out that embed content created from the tool will show live content rather than a ‘snap’ of what was going at the time when it was published.

It is worthy to note that user can upload only those Stories that they have opted to share publicly via Snap to Our Story. The web-based version doesn’t reveal users location and the content is moderated before loading on Snap Map.