SHARP AQUOS S2 with full-screen display to launch on August 8

SHARP might be ready to show its 29th full-screen smartphone to the world

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    • The SHARP AQUOS S2 to be the 29th full-screen smartphone from the company
    • SHARP will launch the device on August 8 in Beijing
    • The SHARP AQUOS S2 will be available in China starting August 14

SHARP the consumer electronics manufacturer will launch its SHARP AQUOS S2 on August 8 at an event in Beijing. This will be the first ever full-screen display smartphone that the company will launch outside of theirs country. The company will start selling the device in China from August 14. However, it is unclear on if and when will the rest of the world be able to see it. The SHARP AQUOS S2  uses the Free Form Display technology which allows the company to drill precise holes for the front camera and the earpiece. The smartphone will feature a 5.5-inch full-screen display which will make it feel like a 5-inch device.


“The core of full screen design is to break through the technology limit, achieve the double sense of holding and visual comfort, and provide the ultimate experience for users,”
said Dr. Luo Zhongsheng, CEO of SHARP/InFocus Mobile.

Sharp over the years has come up with 28 full-screen smartphones, and this will be the 29th full-screen smartphone from them. SHARP was the first company to ever develop a full-screen smartphone the EDGEST-302SH. It is also being expected that the company will enter the Indian market next year.

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