Save now, read later: New Twitter #SaveForLater feature in works

The feature dubbed as "Save for Later" was revealed by Twitter's product manager Jesar Shah, citing that users mostly in Japan are seeking the ability to "easily + privately save Tweets for later"

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    • Twitter is working on a ‘Save for later’ feature on its platform
    • The bookmarking feature is said to save tweet for later read

Twitter recently announced that it will double up the character limit to 280 on its social networking platform. The company now seems to be working on a bookmarking feature that will let users save the tweet to read later. While the tweets are just sweet short texts (well, not always) that require a quick read, the new feature might come handy to those who like to quest interesting content.

The feature dubbed “Save for Later” was revealed by Twitter’s product manager Jesar Shah. She said users mostly in Japan are seeking the ability to “easily + privately save Tweets for later.” Jesar also shared a quick demo of the prototype. It shows the service’s ‘mobile site’ and features an overflow menu. Apparently, the company seems to replace the ‘send via DM’ icon on the bottom right corner tweets with the overflow menu.

The menu is said to carry both ‘send via DM’ and the upcoming ‘Add to Bookmark’ feature. Engadget points out that tweets added to bookmarks may be accessed via a list in settings. While the feature is implied to be private, the app will also include a dedicated section where users will be able to go through their saved items.

Jaser has also revealed that users at the moment save tweets by liking or sending tweets themselves via DM. When the feature arrives, users will no longer have to like or send whenever they see tweets with images with longer text.

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Notably, the saving tweets option for later is already available with third-party apps like Pocket whereby users can save tweet both in Twitter’s web and mobile apps. But while this takes extra effort having to sign up the account with a third-party app, an easier alternative with added privacy might be more useful. The Bookmark feature is in its early stage and reports suggest that Twitter is looking for feedback by sharing designs, experiments and do further research.