Samsung will make $110 on sale of each iPhone X: Report

Samsung is set to make billions of dollars from the sale of the Apple iPhone X

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    • Apple iPhone X will go on sale from November 3
    • Apple uses displays and memory chips made by Samsung in the iPhone X
    • The iPhone X starts at $1,000

Samsung will reportedly be making around $110 (Roughly Rs. 7,200) on the sale of each iPhone X unit. As per a report from The Wall Street Journal, Samsung will earn more revenue from its components used in the iPhone X rather compared to the parts made for its Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. In the iPhone the company is using memory chips and OLED displays manufactured by Samsung.

“The South Korean company’s giant components division stands to make $110 from for each top-of-the-line, $1,000 (roughly Rs. 65,500) iPhone X that Apple sells,”
The Wall Street Journal said in its report.


“While each company tries to get consumers to buy its gadgets, Samsung’s parts operation stands to make billions of dollars supplying screens and memory chips for the new iPhone-parts that Apple relies on for its most important product,”
it added.

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As per an analysis which was done by Counterpoint Technology Market Research, Samsung stands to make around $4 billion more in revenue from the sale of the iPhone X as compared to the components made for the Galaxy S8 in around 20 months from its launch. This year has certainly been a good one for the company as the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and the Note 8 smartphones were a huge hit for them and this profit from the Apple iPhone will also drive the company’s profits up a lot. However, we are yet to see how the iPhone X performs in the market after it is available from November 3.