Samsung replaces Opera Max with its new Samsung Max app for data-saving & privacy protection

The new Samsung Max app is compatible only with Samsung devices and will come pre-loaded on Galaxy A and Galaxy J series smartphones

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  3. Samsung replaces Opera Max with its new Samsung Max app for data-saving & privacy protection


    • Samsung Max app encrypts data sent via unknown Wi-Fi networks
    • The app compresses web pages, videos, images etc. to reduce data consumption
    • It available for download on Play Store

Samsung today launched a new app called Samsung Max, that claims to save mobile data and protect your privacy. The new Android app replacing Opera Max is crafted with an “enhanced design and user experience” as per the company.

Samsung stated that the app is designed taking the ‘popular features’ from the company’s “Make in India” program to offer “locally relevant and beneficial software and hardware.”

The Samsung Max app emphasises on two key features- to check data usage and manage privacy. For this, the app scans the device and checks for those apps that are consuming data. It then ‘actively’ compresses web pages, videos, music files, images etc. that users access via the web browser or ‘other apps’. In addition, the app will also alert users about apps that are using ‘too much’ background data. Users will be able to manage data permissions for specific apps and even block automatic background data consumption.

To manage privacy, Samsung Max app provides a few security-specific features as well. If you often carry out your work using public Wi-Fi, the app’s ‘privacy feature’ will encrypt the data when it is sent through Wi-Fi networks that are open and non-secure. With the app’s Privacy Protection mode, the open and unknown Wi-Fi hotspots will be protected with a single-tap encrypt. The mode’s tracker blocking and DNS (Domain Name System) masking service will help to access the web safely both via mobile and wireless network.

The all-new Samsung Max app is available for download free of cost via Google Play Store. For those who are already using the Opera Max app, they will receive an automatic update today that will replace it with Samsung Max. The app is compatible only with Samsung smartphones. The Max app will come pre-loaded on Galaxy J and Galaxy A devices in India and other emerging markets including Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam.

At Samsung, we’ve been committed to creating inclusive data saving and privacy protection services for all our devices,” Seounghoon Oh, Vice President Samsung R&D Institute India said. “Because of this, we are now introducing Samsung Max to our mid-range devices as an exclusive and unique service that sets Samsung devices apart from the rest of the smartphone market,” he added.