Samsung might sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in 2017

Samsung might bring back refurbished units of Galaxy Note 7, likely to hit the Indian and Vietnam market sometime in 2017

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    • Samsung plans to sell refurbished units of Galaxy Note 7.
    •  Company likely to sell refurbished units in 2017.
    • Refurbished models will be sold in Vietnam and India.

Samsung is allegedly planning to bring back the refurbished units of Galaxy Note 7 next year. With over two million Galaxy Note 7 called up due to the issue of fire and explosion of the devices, Samsung had announced officially that it would discontinue the manufacturing of the devices eventually. But the company doesn’t seem to give up entirely on selling the Galaxy Note 7 yet.

According to the South Korean outlet The Investor, Samsung is expected to sell the refurbished units of Galaxy Note 7 next year.

The report says that, “Samsung has not made a final decision yet, but it is likely to sell the refurbished Note 7 units next year”. The rumor was being disclosed by an industry source anonymously.

The source also predicted that the refurbished models are most likely to be sold in the emerging markets like Vietnam and India, reason being cited that the low-end and mid-range phones gain more popularity and have a higher demand in these countries.

Although the South Korean tech company had been continuously working on the ongoing battery explosion issue, the engineers are not yet able to identify the key reason for this problem.

Galaxy Note 7 which was a premium smartphone set to compete with Apple’s flagship iPhones, iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus, its battery issues did have a strong impact on its market share overall, with its market effected in the Indian smartphone market equitably.

Despite a volume of its unit being sold, the shares in India declined up to 22.6 percent by the end of third quarter this year

With the explosion, extant battery issues, ban of Galaxy Note 7 in the airports and even damage in the battery of a Galaxy Note 7 which led to smoke in flight recently In India(report from The Economic Times), the tech company’s decision of bringing the device back to the Indian smartphone market might not be able to accumulate potential shares congruent to what Samsung had expected when the Galaxy Note 7 was launched in India and in other countries as well.