Samsung Galaxy S8 March 29 event will be in New York: WSJ

Samsung to release only one curved version of the upcoming flagship Galaxy S8

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  3. Samsung Galaxy S8 March 29 event will be in New York: WSJ


    • Samsung to unveil Galaxy S8 in New York.
    • To release one curved version of the smartphone.
    • To replace the fingerprint sensor.

After the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, the South Korean tech giant is taking precautions with its next flagship device. Several rumours and leak reports have already unwrapped some of the key specs of the new smartphone and a new report has just surfaced claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be unveiled at an event in New York and not in its home country.

According to a report from Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the matter told the source that Samsung will likely ditch the physical home button on the front of the Galaxy S8 smartphone. The device will also bring a new virtual assistant similar to Apple Inc.’s Siri, dubbed as ‘Bixby’.

The fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S8 is claimed to have been moved to a new location. The sensor is replaced from the home button to the rear panel of the device. The source, however, said that the features are subject to change with about two months before the smartphone is made available to the customers.

The previous reports claimed that the phone will be available in two different screen size, and WSJ source also confirmed that Samsung will release wo different display size variants of one curved-screen version of the upcoming flagship. The source further said that the new handset will feature an earphone jack.

The latest rumour reports reveal that Samsung is planning to fit the Galaxy S8 with a 3000mAh battery and the Galaxy S8 Plus with 3500mAh battery. A separate leak report that tipped on Samsung AI-powered assistant, said that the Bixby assistant will support up to 8 languages. The Bixby will be built by Samsung bought Viv Labs Inc., the startup founded by the creators of Apple’s AI Siri.

Samsung last month officially announced the cause for the Galaxy Note 7 catching, blaming solely the battery suppliers. However, the company’s own affiliate SDI is all set to start supplying batteries for the next flagship Galaxy S8. A report on the matter cited that the company might likely replace one of the two battery suppliers of the Galaxy Note 7 batteries with Japan’s Murata Manufacturing Co. The Galaxy Note 7 global recall cost about $5 billion in loss and lost sales, Samsung said.