Samsung Galaxy S8 AI assistant ‘Bixby’ rumoured to support 8 languages

Samsung's Bixby AI assistant is claimed to include English, Korean, Chinese and five other 'unspecified' languages.

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  3. Samsung Galaxy S8 AI assistant ‘Bixby’ rumoured to support 8 languages


    • Samsung Bixby AI assistant to support 8 languages
    • ‘Bixby’ to integrate in other Samsung products.
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 expected to launch on March 29.

Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been creating quite a buzz over the past several weeks. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumoured to launch by by March 29. A new rumour adds another feather to the cap of the Galaxy S8,  the upcoming flagship’s digital assistant, Bixby.

The report comes from the South Korean outlet ETNews which claims that Samsung Galaxy S8 AI assistant will support up to eight languages at launch that include English, Korean, Chinese and five other ‘unspecified’ languages. The Google Assistant AI that comes in-built with Google’s Pixel and Pixel Xl smartphone however supports only five languages- English, German, Brazillian, Portugese and Hindi.

Samsung’s AI assistant is said to be registered with the name ‘Kresta’ suggesting that there will be a male and female voice of the assistant. Previous leak reports tipped the Bixby button will be located on the edge of the Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Samsung executives on November last year confirmed that a ‘fully-fledged AI assistant’ on the Galaxy S8 will mark difference compared to its competitors. The executives said that the assistant will integrate with the third-party services (via TheVerge).

Samsung’s AI assistant will be built by Viv Labs, the startup founded by creators of Apple Siri, now acquired by Samsung. The AI technology is expected to appear in Samsung’s other products, as instance- Samsung Smart TVs or wearables. AI powered voice assistants first came to popularity with Apple’s Siri. Soon, Google had its own AI out, which has now evolved into the full fledged Google Assistant (available only on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL). Microsoft developed Cortana based on their popular Halo franchise, and while their Windows Phone devices business may have shuttered, the AI now lives across all Windows 10 powered devices. Samsung may be late to the AI party, but it was only a matter of time before the company ventured into this line.