Samsung Galaxy S7 users report Camera glass shattering without any cause

Samsung Galaxy S7 users have reported that the glass panel of the rear camera are broken despite the handsets being touched or mishandled.

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    • Samsung Galaxy S7 users report camera glass shattering spontaneously.
    • Samsung refuse to replace the affected units, even if the phones are under warranty.
    • The company has charged a cost of $70 from the user to repair the broken glass panels.

Samsung Galaxy S7 users have reported camera glass shattering that occurred without any reason. The users claimed that despite the handset being touched, the glass panel of the rear camera cracked spontaneously.

The issue was first spotted on 28th December, in the consumer affairs blog “Consumerist” where a reader Sean posted the story about his Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.  Sean described that ‘the camera glass had shattered like a miniature bullet hole.’ He further added that while approaching the company to report about the issue, Samsung claiming that Sean had caused the physical damage to the phone refused to replace the unit despite having warranty coverage period.

With such response from the company, Sean searched for similar incidents in Google, and found several identical instances of rear camera glass shattering without the phone being dropped or mishandled by the user. In each case, Samsung refused to replace the units even when the phones were under warranty. The users are being asked to pay a fee of around $70 to repair the broken glass panel.

Samsung own’s community forum contained numerous examples where S7 owners reported the camera glass panel shattering despite touching or mishandling the phone. A Galaxy S6 Edge Plus also reported the same incident where the unit’s camera glass broke while taking a picture.

Taking the issue into account, Samsung responded to another post in the same forum. A representative from the company said, “We do see there are quite a few interesting theories, and although we cannot speculate on each individual’s situation, we would like to assure you that Samsung does take many different conditions into consideration when constructing our devices. Our desire is to always make high quality products for our customers and we strive to be leaders in quality.  Although some unforeseen things may come, we do believe this is an isolated occurrence and do not want to place blame on anyone.”

While Samsung still recovering from the bruises of Galaxy note 7 debacle, this issue which has surfaced recently might be another challenge for the company as the tech-giant is all set to launch its flagship 2017 smartphone Galaxy S8. The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco which provoked a global recall cost the smartphone maker almost $6 billion USD last year.