Samsung Galaxy Note 8 photos and video leak

Alleged Galaxy Note 8 leaks three times

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    • The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to have even smaller bezels than the Galaxy S8 Plus
    • The Note 8 Display panel video also leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a huge disaster for the company which ended up in a global recall, nevertheless, Samsung is allegedly going ahead with its successor the Galaxy Note 8. And now three leaks have surfaced (two images, one video).

First Leak

The first leaked image here is sourced from a Chinese site which posted the image as the first real photo of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rear. In the image, it can be seen the smartphone will sport a vertical dual camera setup in the centre of the device. The image also showcases that there is no fingerprint sensor, which points to the fact Samsung might integrate the sensor directly into the screen.

samsung galaxy note 8 leak
Image Credits: SlashLeaks

Second Leak

The second leaked image comes from Weibo, which claims that the bezels in the Galaxy Note 8 have been reduced and are even thinner than the Galaxy S8 Plus. Also, the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have a 6.4-inch display.

Image Credits: Weibo

Third Leak

Along with the two images that were leaked, a video with the Note 8 front panel was also leaked. The panel looks exactly the same as the Weibo image leak.

We currently have no confirmations from Samsung’s side regarding the Galaxy Note 8, and these images and videos are nothing but leaks, they might be true or false, so take them with a pinch of salt.

The leaks also, make us believe that Samsung is trying to make all the flagships fronts nothing but displays while addressing all the past problems they have faced.