Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition available 7 July onward

Samsung is resurrecting the Galaxy Note 7 from its ashes and calling it the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition

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    • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE available 7 July onward
    • No change in specification
    • Limited 400,000 quantity release in Korea

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially going on sale 7 July, rebranded as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition. The smartphone gained global notoriety for its tendency to spontaneously combust, prompting the biggest recall in smartphone history. However, despite the fiery risks, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a brilliant device, given that some people refused to return theirs despite the risks involved. Well, Samsung has now announced that starting 7 July 2017, customers in South Korea will be able to get their hands on the re-released Note 7.

In case you’re wondering, Samsung hasn’t changed anything on the Note 7 in terms of specs, save for the battery. The smartphone will still come with an Exynos 8890 processor at its heart paired with 4GB of RAM. There’s 64GB of on-board storage which can be expanded by means of a micro-SD card slot. The phone retains its 5.7” 1440p display which was capable of wide gamut display along with HDR and a very high pixel density of 518ppi. The display packed so much of Samsung’s expertise that many people originally wanted to buy the Galaxy Note 7 just for the experience of consuming content on it.

Despite the refurbished nature of the Galaxy Note 7, there are a few things that are different on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition in comparison to the original. Firstly, there is a new, 3200mAh battery on the inside which we presume wouldn’t catch fire like its predecessors. The other changes are minor cosmetic upgrades in the form of the removal of Samsung’s branding from the front, and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition being emblazoned on the back. If you were hoping that the refurbished device would come with a capacitive home button, you’ll be disappointed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition to come in four colours

Samsung has said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition will be released in Korea in limited quantities of 400,000 units. Anyone who buys the phone before 30 September will also get a free S Pen Plus to go with their new smartphone. Additionally, Samsung is offering complimentary Clear View Cover in a colour that will match the colour of the phone you buy. Unfortunately, Samsung has still not revealed the price of the refurbishes smartphone, but we don’t expect it to be cheap. Additionally, Samsung’s press release doesn’t specify a timeframe for release in other parts of the world, just that it would happen at a later time.

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If you’re wondering when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition will come to India, in all likelihood, it won’t. There are regulations in place that prohibit manufacturers from selling refurbishes smartphones in the country. If you know someone who lives in South Korea or is travelling there anytime soon, you could request them to pick up a unit for you, however, we wouldn’t recommend that. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation, more commonly known as DGCA had issued a statement banning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from being carried onto domestic flights. Even as recently as two weeks ago, a security guard at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (New Delhi) informed us that Galaxy Note 7s were not allowed to be carried onto domestic flights. He said so mistaking our Samsung Galaxy S8 for the Note 7, but it goes to show that the flammable smartphone carries a stigma attached to it. It is unclear whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition will also come under the purview of the same rule, but we would recommend that you save yourself the hassle.