Samsung faces new suit from Apple for copying the iPhone

The US District Court opens a new trial against Samsung for infringing on Apple's patents

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    • The case will start in the upcoming months
    • Samsung as per the supreme court order had to pay Apple $399 million

Today a US Judge ordered a new trial in which it will be determined how much Samsung Electronics Co. should pay to Apple Inc. for copying the look of the iPhone for its Galaxy smartphones and other devices.

SanJose, California District Judge, Lucy Koh issued an order today after the US Supreme Court set aside $399 million award against Samsung for mimicking the iPhone look for its smartphones. The supreme court said that the damages are based only on the parts of the device and not necessarily the entire device that may have infringed on the other company’s patents.

Lucy Koh stated in the order that the jury instructions at the Apple-Samsung trial did not accurately reflect the law. She also stated that this might have been due to Samsung preventing the jurors from considering whether any infringement covered something other than the entire phone.

As per the supreme court order, the $399 million is a part of $548 million that Samsung made to Apple in December of 2015. Apple previously had said that no new trial for the case was warranted and that the $399 million award should be confirmed, however, when Reuters reached out to them they didn’t respond to a request to comment.

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On the other hand, Samsung made a statement saying that they welcomed Lucy Koh’s order. It remains to be seen as to how the trial will fair in the coming months. It should also be kept in mind that Samsung is a manufacturer for Apple.

(With inputs from Reuters)