Samsung executive confirms Galaxy Note 8, will be “better, safer and very innovative”

Samsung Mobile Chief believes that Note series is still important to company's loyal consumers.

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  3. Samsung executive confirms Galaxy Note 8, will be “better, safer and very innovative”

After the Note 7 fire fiasco, Samsung finally completed the investigation and revealed the findings on Monday. Before everyone thinks that this might be the end of Note series for the South Korean giant, Samsung executive speaking to CNET has said that the Note 8 is already in works and they are going to bring a “better, safer and very innovative” device this time around.

In an interview to CNET, the Samsung Mobile Chief, D.J. Koh, confirmed that the company would bring out a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

“I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8,” Koh told CNET.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s worldwide recall was a major setback for the company. However, the South Korean electronics giant still believes that they still have a loyal consumer base of Note series of devices, such is that some of the Galaxy Note 7 users didn’t return the device despite repeated security warnings from Samsung.

“We found through the investigative process, we knew there are lots and lots of loyal Note customers,” he added.

Yesterday, when the Samsung issued a press release stating its own investigation findings, it noted that there were two major battery issues with device causing fire. One of the reason was the battery casing design flaw and there was no space in the battery container which caused the electrodes inside to bend. Second, the ultra-sonic welding process used to attach the positive tab caused higher than usual welding bars to be present on the positive electrode.