Samsung could be working on a smart speaker powered by Bixby voice assistant

Although Bixby has a long way to go, Samsung is reportedly planning to mass produce Bixby enabled smart speakers.

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  3. Samsung could be working on a smart speaker powered by Bixby voice assistant


    • Samsung is said to release Bixby enabled smart speakers
    • The project has a codename Vega, reports WSJ.
    • The report has not mentioned mention features or release date

According to a report published by Wall Street Journal, Samsung is planning to mass produce its own smart speakers that will be integrated with the company’s Bixby voice assistant. The project is reportedly associated with a codename Vega, which Samsung is said to introduce sometime in future. Samsung originally announced the AI powered assistant alongside this year’s flagship Galaxy S8 and its older counterpart, the Galaxy S8+ (Review).

During the launch, Samsung was seen boasting about Bixby and what it brings to the table. Samsung even built a dedicated button on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ for the AI, confirming Samsung’s plans to compete with the likes of Google and Apple when it comes to AI powered Assistants.


However, the report does not say much with regards to a release timeline or exactly what “Vega” will be capable of. Given that Bixby has not matured enough to take of Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant, the company is unlikely to shed light on the actual development of project Vega. When Samsung introduced the AI for the first time, its implementation fell short of expectations as Voice commands in English were still not functional, revealing it still has a long way to go.

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Previously, Samsung’s InJong Rhee said in a blog post: “Starting with our smartphones, Bixby will be gradually applied to all our appliances. In the future, you would be able to control your air conditioner or TV through Bixby. Since Bixby will be implemented in the cloud, as long as a device has an internet connection and simple circuitry to receive voice inputs, it will be able to connect with Bixby.”

In light of the above statement, it makes sense that Samsung would be working on a Bixby powered home speaker, one that could serve as the central hub for controlling other appliances that are Bixby enabled. Given Samsung’s strong presence in the home appliance business, and a relentless push towards an Internet of Things future, Samsung may be in a very lucrative position when it comes to home automation.