Russian designers to create Nokia 3310 designs worth ₹1 lakh

Made out of bulletproof titanium, these devices aren't exactly cheap.

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    • Made out of bulletproof titanium
    • To cost around $1700 each
    • Tribute to the “unkillable” old 3310

It’s not like the original Nokia 3310 was not strong. A quick Google Image Search with the term “Nokia 3310 meme” will return you countless hilarious memes. It’s been compared to Thor’s hammer, found intact centuries after an apocalypse, suggested as a weapon, and much more.

In fact, a bunch of YouTubers in the US dropped the old Nokia 3310 from a drone, from a height of 900 feet. The phone fell, and the covers and the battery came out, but they were able to put it together and the device worked normally.

The Designs

The return of the Nokia 3310 has been met with very welcoming reactions, but it looks like some people do not have faith in the durability of the new Nokia 3310. Caviar, a Russian designing firm, which has previously designed phone customizations using materials such as titanium, gold and carbon fiber, has decided to offer some very strong Nokia 3310s. How strong? Bullet-proof titanium strong.

Caviar calls it the Nokia 3310 Titano, and it is a tribute to the “unkillable” nature of the original Nokia 3310. The 3310 Titano has a phone casing made out of hardened titanium, and is blackened out with something called PVD technology, and has an engraved back.  This is basically an armour plating around the new Nokia 3310 , because the titanium is of BT 23 standard bulletproof grade.

Nokia 3310 Caviar
Source: Caviar

There’s another variant of the new 3310 for those who are ardent fans of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. The Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin has a design that screams “Russia”, with a plaque on the body that has a quote from the Russian national anthem and a thin mesh-like engraving. The back panel of the device has a bas relief of President Putin, and the entire casing itself is made out of gold titanium. The central control button has a coat of arms of the Russian Federation.

The Price

But before you decide to pre-book these devices, you should know that these customized Nokia 3310 devices will cost 99000 Russian ruble. That’s around €1600 , or $1700. A normal Nokia 3310 will cost just €49. In Indian values, a normal Nokia 3310 is expected to cost around 3500. The Caviar Nokia 3310 will translate into ₹1.13 lakh. You’ll also get a rather luxurious varnished wooden box, charging cable and headphones with it too.

Source: Caviar

Clearly, Caviar wants this phone to be bought by the likes of secret agents and super humans, because the description on the website, as translated from Russian, says, “This phone will not mind if you drop it, it was created for life and encased in titanium armor, he is not afraid of anything. Same as you.” It’s a pity that the secret agents will be able to use it only for making calls, sending texts or browse the internet very slowly, because that’s all the new Nokia 3310 is good for.  But then the company also claims that “we have created the perfect phone: rugged, stylish, not cheap, able to hold a charge long and loud calls. Sometimes it’s really all you need.”