Reliance Jio suspends booking for JioPhone

Reliance Jio stops pre-registrations for the JioPhone, no word on as to when will these start again

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    • Reliance Jio started the pre-registrations for the JioPhone on August 24
    • Just sometime after starting the pre-registrations the website went down
    • There is no word as to when the pre-registrations will start again

Reliance Jio had opened up pre-bookings for the JioPhone on August 24 at 5:30 PM after which during a brief period the Jio website went down due to a huge traffic surge. Currently, Reliance Jio has suspended the pre-booking for the JioPhone and people, for now, can only register to get notified when the next chance for pre-registration opens up. The company has said on their website, “We will inform you when the pre-booking resumes.” The company has not yet issued any statement as to when they will open up the registrations for the device again, and as to why did they stop taking pre-orders.


Some reports have said that this is due to the demand being much higher than what the company had initially estimated. These reports can have some truth to them as currently the banner page of the company’s official website reads “Thank You India! Millions have pre-booked the JioPhone.”

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As for now, you can register your interest for the JioPhone by going to and after that clicking the banner saying register for JioPhone, after which you would need to fill out the form displayed with your information, and then you are done. Now, whenever the company will again bring the device you will be amongst the first people to get an intimation.

The Reliance Jio JioPhone was launched during the company’s Annual General Meeting this year where it was showcased. It gained a lot of hype as the phone will effectively cost Rs. 0 but there is a catch, the users will have to deposit Rs. 1,500 to the company as security which will be returned after three years.