Reliance Jio Prime vs. non-Jio Prime plans, data benefits and everything you need to know

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Starting today, March 1, Jio users can start enrolling for ‘Jio Prime’, which is Rs. 99 one-time fee to avail the offer for next 12 months and then do a monthly recharge of Rs. 303 to enjoy the same services as the Jio ‘Happy New Year’ offer from April 1st.

However, Jio has introduced various plans under ‘Jio Prime’ scheme today, which means you are no more limited to Rs. 99 + Rs. 303 offer. With new plans coming in, users can now first pay Rs. 99 one-time fee to become a Prime member and then recharge for as low as Rs. 19 to enjoy benefits according to that particular plan. These all are prepaid plans, however postpaid plans are only available in three denominations – Rs. 303, Rs. 499 and Rs. 999 and it offer same benefits as the prepaid but will have taxes extra on and top of your billing plan charges.


Who all are eligible for ‘Jio Prime’?

All Jio consumers right now and people who take new Jio connections up until this Friday, March 3, can become ‘Jio Prime’ member pay paying Rs. 99 till March 31 and they will also enjoy existing ‘Happy New Year’ offer till month end.

However, those taking a new Jio connection after March 4 will have to sign up for Jio Prime immediately by paying Rs. 99 or forfeit the chance to do so entirely. Such customers will be treated as non-Jio Prime users and will not get the benefits that Jio Prime members enjoy. Non-Jio Prime users may not be eligible for any future offers from the company either.

How to apply/ enroll for ‘Jio Prime’?

To enroll, all Jio users can head to a nearby Jio store or Jio partner store and pay Rs. 99. Alternatively, they can also login to MyJio app to subscribe, or use the website and log in with same credentials as the MyJio app login.

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What if you don’t become ‘Jio Prime’ member? What is the offer, data benefits for non-Jio Prime users?

Jio users who do not pay for Rs. 99 for ‘Jio Prime’ in these 30 days will automatically be left as non-Jio Prime users, but they will still have to the same pricing plans as the Prime with slightly lesser benefits.

Example – Rs. 19 recharge for non-Jio Prime users offers 1 day validaity, with 100MB data, where as the Jio Prime member will get 200MB data with 1 day validity. Calls and sms are free unlimited anyhow, but you will have to recharge for some or the other plan to get the validity on your number.

Other benefit for Jio Prime member is that after 200MB in Rs. 19, they can also buy additional data for Rs. 90 per GB, while the non-Prime user will get same for Rs.190. Similarly other benefits continue for other plans with different rates and per GB additional data. Check our info-graphic below.

‘Jio Prime’ members vs. ‘Non-Jio Prime’/ regular Jio users


Only for ‘Jio Prime’ members

Here’s a list of plans from Jio. Check image below.