Reliance Jio Prime deadline extended to April 15, new free ‘Jio Summer Surprise Offer’ announced

Reliance Jio has made another announcement that is bound to make its customers happy

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Reliance Jio has announced that since announcing the Jio Prime offer, 72 million of its customer base has signed up for Jio Prime. In a statement, Reliance Jio Infocomm has said that the Jio Prime offer has been “one of the most successful customer privilege programmes anywhere in the world.” The company, in celebration of this staggering success, has announced that they will be extending the deadline for signing up for Jio Prime to April 15 2017, along with announcing a few additional benefits to its existing customers.

If you are a Jio customer, the first benefit you get is the extened deadline to sign up for Jio Prime, which is now April 15 2017. Additionally, the company has said that all those Jio Prime members who recharge their accounts for Rs. 303 before April 15 will enjoy the benefits of the plan for three months. Essentially, recharging for one month will get you the same service for free for an additional two months, with your next recharge date being due in July. This, Reliance Jio is dubbing the ‘Jio Summer Surprise’ programme.

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Ever since Reliance Jio commenced operations, they have continued to give free services to its customers, allowing them to gather a user-base of 100 million. With an extension of the Jio Prime offer, it is likely that the 72 million Prime Subscriber base could go up. Reliance Jio had to stop offering free services after telcos complained of bad business practices. Continual legal back and forth was eliminated when Reliance Jio announced that they would be switching to the paid model from April 1 onwards. Further to that, they also announced a revised tariff structure, breaking their offerings into Jio Prime and non Jio Prime subscriptions. The challenge, as we saw it, was convicning the 100 million customers to stick onto the service even once it goes paid, and not just that, but also shell out a one-time fee of Rs. 99. It would seem that Reliance Jio has built a fairly loyal customer base and they are rewarding everyone with an extension.

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