Reliance Jio offers up to 224GB of free data: Here are the details

Reliance Jio has now released a new set of offers for its JioFi devices.

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    • Reliance Jio brings new offers
    • Offers only for new users
    • Prime Membership mandatory

Reliance Jio, a carrier network with never ending surprises, has now released a new offer for its JioFi devices. This new offer is for the people who purchase a new JioFi device with a new Jio SIM Card. This new subscription can be taken from any Jio store/ Modern Trade/ General Trade or any other partner store. The customers need to pay Rs. 99 to enrol for the company’s Prime membership programme regardless what plan they opt for or what option they choose. Once they enrol for the Prime membership, they will be given four options based on which their data limit will be set.

If you select any of the plans listed below, you will get the given data for speculated amount of months without paying any tariff. For example: If you select the option 1, you will get benefits of the existing Rs. 149 plan which is unlimited calling and 2GB per month data, for 12 months without paying the tariff amount.

Option 1: Prime Membership + Rs. 149 Plan for 12 months: Data: 2GB per month
Option 2: Prime Membership + Rs. 309 Plan for 6 months: Data: Unlimited (1GB/Day FUP)
Option 3: Prime Membership + Rs. 509 Plan for 4 months: Data: Unlimited (2GB/Day FUP)
Option 4: Prime Membership + Rs. 999 Plan for 2 months: Data: 60GB (FUP)

Coming straight to the point, the more months you want, the lesser data you will get and vice versa. Regardless of whatever plan people choose, during the purchase, they will only have to pay for the device and the prime membership. According to us, Option 2 will be the most lucrative deal as it offers 1GB data per day for 6 months making the deal a fair one. However, a user has to decide the option based on his usage and how many months would he like to enjoy the service for. Keep in mind that this offer will only be applicable on a new Jio SIM card with a new JioFi device. Also, the offer is applicable only for pre-paid customer.