Reliance Jio is fastest 4G network in India, Airtel on third spot: TRAI’s March Data

According to TRAI's latest data collected through My Speed app, Idea is the second best 4G network around.

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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued 4G data download speed report of March for all telecom operators and numbers reveal that Reliance Jio is again on number one spot with fastest 4G network in India.

As per TRAI’s data collected through their My Speed app, the average 4G download speed on Reliance Jio’s network was 16.48Mbps in March, which although is a slight drop from 17.42Mbps speed from February. The second best  4G download speed was Idea’s with 12.029Mbps and Airtel remained at third with 10.439Mbps.

Although Jio doesn’t have 3G network, but according to overall (4G and 3G) download speed data Jio was at 16.48Mbps, while Idea and Airtel were at 8.33Mbps and 7.66Mpbs respectively.

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There are only five competeting operators for 4G – Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular, Vodafone and Reliance Communications, out-of-which Reliance Communications was the lowest 4G data speed network with 2.95Mpbs average speed and Vodafone is at number four with average 4G speed of 7.933Mbps, down from 8.337Mbps last month.

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When consumers see advertisements of one operator claiming their network speed as the fastest, the numbers are not from TRAI and are instead from a private firm Open Signal, which conducted a survey in Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. According to them, Bharti Airtel had the fastest 4G download speed average of 11.5mbps while Reliance Jio was fourth with 3.92mbps between December 2016 to February 2017.

Previously the tussle between Airtel and Jio got fire from results of Ookla’s SpeedTest app, which had Airtel as the fastest 4G network.

On the other hand, TRAI only collects and computes data download speed through its own official app MySpeed on real-time basis. And earlier this month, the data published by TRAI revealed a contrasting data in which Reliance Jio not just had the fastest 4G speeds for the month of February, but it infact had almost double (17.42Mbps) of Airtel (7.66Mbps) and Idea Cellular (8.33Mbps).