Reliance Jio collaborates with Samsung to improve 4G LTE services, plans to deploy 5G data service

Reliance Jio collaborates with Samsung to improve and expand 4G LTE services in India, plans to bring 5G data service for its users.

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    • Reliance Jio collaborates with Samsung to improve 4G LTE services.
    • Infill and Growth project aims to improve and deliver wide LTE coverage in India.
    • Reliance Jio plans to bring 5G data services as well.

Reliance Jio recently collaborated with the South Korean electronics company Samsung to improve 4G VoLTE services in India. Samsung in conjunction with Reliance Jio announced their new ‘I & G (Infill and Growth) Project’ at the Samsung-Jio joint-event held at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Infill and Growth project is established with an aim to upgrade current LTE mobile communication services across the country and deliver wider LTE coverage. The I & G Project will utlilise the 850, 1800 and 2300 MHz spectrum to improve Reliance Jio current infrastructure. The project is also said to extend Jio’s coverage in rural areas with the focus to reach over 90percent of the Indian population.

“As Jio’s end-to-end LTE solutions partner, it is a great pleasure for Samsung to contribute to Jio’s tremendous success,” Youngky Kim, President and Head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, said.

The partnership between Reliance and Samsung however is not new, as the two companies signed a ‘turn-key’ agreement back in the year 2012. As per the agreement, the South Korean tech giant provided LTE core, base stations, solutions and maintenance services for Reliance Jio VoLTE services.

Besides improving its 4G LTE services, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd presumably plans to deploy 5G data services for its users in the near future. Youngky Kim in the context said that Samsung will strive to create new paradigms for LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G by closely cooperating with Jio as a unified workforce.  The LTE mobile network operator has involved Israel based LTE RAN solution provider Airspan Networks to install its small cells and even collaborated with US-based networking company Cisco to expand Jio’s existing multi-terabit capacity.

With Reliance Jio crossing the 100 million subscribers record recently, Mukesh Ambani last month on February 21 addressed that Reliance Jio shares surge up in value by 1.36 percent closing at Rs. 1088.25.

Reliance Jio Infocomm President Jyotindra Thacker said, “We successfully achieved 100 million subscribers in 170 days, making us the fastest-growing company in the world, and the numbers continue to rapidly grow. It was possible because we introduced a truly effective LTE service, Pan-India. We are committed to bringing game-changing digital experiences to India with superior ecosystems, mobile content, all-IP networks and ongoing process innovations.”