Prices of Microsoft Xbox One X and Sony PS4, PS4 Pro go up in India

This may drive a lot of gamers to get them from abroad or through the grey market

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With the introduction of the union budget for 2018-19, many products have seen an increase in their prices. Gaming consoles are no exceptions as they are imported into India, and the import duty has been increased from 10 percent to 20 percent. Various reports suggest that the price of the newly launched Xbox One X has seen an increase of Rs 3,500 in India.

Surprisingly, Microsoft India’s website is still showing the price to be Rs 44,990. Coming to Sony, the PS4 Pro will now sell for Rs 41,990 (earlier Rs 38,990). Whereas the 1TB variant of the PS4 Slim will sell for Rs 35,990 (earlier Rs 32,990) and the 500GB variant will sell for Rs 31,990 (earlier Rs 28,990).

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Gaming consoles in India have always been much more expensive compared to other countries. This latest increase has made the price gap even more broader. If you were to ask me, I would recommend getting game consoles from abroad. Some will now also consider buying one from grey market. However, keep in mind that if you get the console from either of these two channels, you won’t be getting any warranty.

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PS4 Pro in the united states sells for $400 which converts to approximately Rs 26,000, whereas the PS4 Slim 1TB variant is priced at $300 which converted to INR is around Rs 19,500. Finally coming to the Xbox One X, it is priced at $500 which converts roughly to Rs 32,500. The increase in the customs duty has affected the prices of smartphones, televisions, PC’s and laptops along with gaming consoles.