OxygenOS Open Beta 23/14 for OnePlus 3T/3 now available

OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 owners get to enjoy some new improvements thanks to the Open Beta

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    • New OxygenOS beta released
    • Updated colour profile closer to sRGB
    • Better image loading speed

OnePlus 3 and 3T users who are part of the Beta program for OxygenOS, should be receiving an OTA update. This update brings with it a number of updates, changes and bugfixes, but the most notable changes come to certain UI elements and the display. Before you go ahead and update your smartphone, you should know that beta updates tend to have unforeseen bugs. Additionally, you’ll only get the Open Beta update if you’re already part of the program. If you’re not and would like to get onto the Open Beta, then you will receive OTA updates only for the Beta updates and not for the final OS build. This may want to make you consider getting off the Open Beta program, in which case, you’re going to have to clean flash your device, meaning all data on the phone will be wiped.

If you’re in the Beta program or are looking to get on to it, here is everything that is new in this latest update.


  • Added Shot on OnePlus watermark


  • Redesigned lift up display UI
  • Now supports hiding of notification content from apps locked by App locker
  • Improved stability of Parallel apps
  • Adjusted color display of default screen calibration
  • Added E-warranty card
  • Updated Android security patch level to August


  • Added quick index bar in contacts UI
  • Improved experience of switching incoming calls
  • Improvements to suggested merges functionality


  • Loading speed of images improved


  • Improved location accuracy
  • Improved the experience of searching cities


  • New feature “Alarm calendar”

This new update does bring a number notable changes, including a reworked colour profile for the display which now is closer to the default sRGB colour profile. Additionally, the stability of Parallel apps have been improved and loading time of images inside the Gallery app has been reduced. The official forum post by OnePlus that announces the availability of the update also mentions that some users may not be able to turn on the flashlight on the phone right after the update, but this will be fixed with a simple reboot of the phone.