Oppo may soon release a foldable smartphone with a single display, suggests a new patent

Is the foldable display going to be the next trend after full-screen displays?

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  3. Oppo may soon release a foldable smartphone with a single display, suggests a new patent


    • This is just a patent, and there’s no timeline as to when the device will become reality
    • The device patent also sports a dual camera setup

ZTE was the first in the market to come out with a foldable smartphone, the Axon M. Reports suggest that Samsung is also working on a foldable smartphone which is allegedly being called the Samsung Galaxy X.

Now Oppo has filed a patent which makes us believe that they are working on a similar kind of smartphone. The patent suggests that the device will sport a hinge that will open outwards, and when unfolded, it will act as a part of the touchscreen.

Oppo foldable display patent
Image Credits: Weibo

The patent also indicates that the device will sport a dual camera setup on the back, which when folded will turn into the front camera. When the device is closed, one of the sides will be holstering the earpiece for making calls, while the other side can be used to take the selfies, that the Oppo users supposedly love. The rear camera will also be paired with an LED flash, which remains to be seen if it will resemble any shade of the moon or not.

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These patent renders posted by Oppo are just for illustration purposes and the actual smartphone based on these might not resemble what was showcased. Still, I feel that the device shown in the renders has huge bezels on the top and the bottom edge, which is going against the current trend of full-screen displays being followed by the smartphone manufacturing companies around the globe.

It remains to be seen when this device will actually grace us in person along with the Samsung Galaxy X.