OnePlus 5 might come in four colours at launch

OnePlus teases multiple colour variants for the new OnePlus 5, could come in a new red and disntinct gradient colour

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  3. OnePlus 5 might come in four colours at launch


    • OnePlus 5 might come in all new red and gradient colour
    • The flagship tipped to replace the headphone jack at the top
    • Collaborates with DXO to bring ehanced imaging experience

OnePlus upcoming flagship is making waves of leaks almost every day now. With recent rumours suggesting the OnePlus 5 to bear a horizontal dual camera setup, a new report has cropped revealing five different colours that the company might addto its new flagship.

OnePlus took to its official Twitter account to know what OnePlus fans would be thinking about the device new colour variants. “What 5hould the color of your next phone be?”, the tweet reads. Replacing the letter ‘s’ with ‘5’ makes it an obvious hint that it is about the OnePlus 5. OnePlus is teasing four different colours- black, gold, dark red and a gradient (a mix of purple and light blue). This could either mean that the company is asking its users to decide the final colours for the upcoming flagship or it may have decided to bring the new OnePlus 5 in two other distinct colours apart from the regular black and gold colour variant. With these unusual colour schemes, OnePlus could presumably try to compete with Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 family that comes in five discrete colour variants.

In a separate report, OnePlus Co-Founder Carl Pei has indicated that the standard audio jack on the OnePlus 5 might not be located at the bottom panel as rumoured earlier. Pei, when asked about the headphone jack on the new flagship, said, “Why did the headphone jack cross the road?”. Reports speculate that the response from Pei could possibly hint that the headphone jack might be positioned on the “other side” of the device- i.e., the top of the handset instead of pitching it at the bottom.

OnePlus has already confirmed that it will launch its flagship for the year sometime this summer. The company has recently announced its collaboration with DXO to enhance imaging experience on its new OnePlus 5. The device is expected to carry the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset, a massive 8GB of RAM and run Android 7.1.1 Nougat.